… art for the big topic of climate … This art competition starts in autumn 2020 in Nuremberg.

We wish that art4climate as an art competition also pulsates in exchange with Nuremberg’s partner cities.

art4climate is a project by parents4future Nuremberg, artists4future Nuremberg and the Office for International Relations Nuremberg.

Initial contacts are already being made with the twin city of Glasgow.

We hope that other sister cities of Nuremberg will also be involved later.

Who can take part …? All people from 3 to 103 years.

We look forward to all works of art concerning environment, climate and visions.

We are curious which art forms will be chosen, because all artistic techniques are allowed …




Movie (you can upload your link for a movie)

Music (you can upload your link for music)


Image files up to a size of 8 MB (JPEG) can be uploaded using “Participation and rules”, Upload form.