art4climate is a media-digital art project …

Corona compatible, global …

and starts in autumn 2020 in Nuremberg.

The closing date for the first term is July31,2021 and can be extended due to the global pandamic. If you have any questions, please send an email.

The upload is set up for image files up to a maximum size of 8MB .JPEG files.

For audio type and video type, the link can be sent in via the upload menu. The file must be accessible on the Internet via this link without a password.

EVERYONE can take part and will be called ARTIST in the following. The age restriction …

from 3 TO 103 YEARS … should make this clear in a relaxed manner and encourage many people to participate.

ARTIST – or groups of artists – can submit several different works of art, projects, even different genres and design forms.

For ARTISTS under the age of 18, a declaration of consent from both legal guardians must be submitted. The template for this can be found on the homepage.

Participation in the art4climate art competition accepts the conditions of participation.