The Office for International Relations of the City of Nuremberg was also enthusiastic about the idea of the art4climate art competition. Schools and daycare centers in Nuremberg will be informed about the competition in autumn 2020 with the following text.

Art4climate art campaign

Environment. Climate. Visions

Cooperation between parents4future Nuremberg, artists4future Nuremberg and the Office for International Relations of the City of Nuremberg.

Art competition: art4climate for everyone. From 3 to 103 years.

Project idea

We are interested in how children, young people, students, adults imagine environmental and environmental protection in our city and region. How can this be done? Are you looking for ideas, ideas, visions, wishes, dreams, maybe also cool ideas for a technical invention, solutions, improvements?


All techniques are allowed in the design: collages, painted pictures, posters, photographs, hidden objects, community pictures, digitally post-processed photos, short videos …

It is important that only images / works are submitted in digital form. There is an input mask on our homepage for this purpose:

Please submit works with the following information:

Surname and first name, if applicable the name of the kindergarten or school,

Grade level, group, name of the club.

postal address, email address

in the case of underage artists, the work must have a

A declaration of consent from a legal guardian must be enclosed.

In addition, we are pleased if a short, informal, written explanation of the content, motivation, idea and a title are attached to the work. This can help to better assess the work.

Please keep the originals until the end of the competition, as we may also exhibit original works that have won awards.

By participating in the competition, the participant or groups and clubs confirm and accept the conditions of participation.

Entry deadline

Please submit your works by Monday, March 15th, 2021.

The upload end is 03/15/2021

What happens to the works of art?

All submitted works will be published in a virtual photo show as an art4climate joint work. In addition, a jury selects the best from all contributions, which are presented to the public, for example at exhibitions and on billboards. The art gallery “artulijen gallery house of visions” offers the exhibition space for this in early summer 2021.

In addition, works will be exhibited in the International House in Nuremberg in autumn 2021. The judges’ decision is final.

The name of the artist and, if applicable, of the kindergarten, schools, grade levels or, in the case of groups and associations, the artist groups are announced, provided that this is not contradicted.

In the course of the World Climate Conference in autumn 2021, parents4future, artists4future and the Office for International Relations asked whether an exhibition of individual works in Glasgow or other partner cities is possible digitally.

Of course, the works of art created can be used for your own PROJECT WEEKS or PROJECT DAYS in your own school or daycare facility.

Think international climate and environmental protection! With the support of the Office for International Relations of the City of Nuremberg, partner cities are invited to carry out art4climate in their city as well. It is planned to present works of art from the twin cities in Nuremberg as well.

Further information

Legal notices and information as well as further contact details can be found on the homepage https //


Parents4future Nuremberg and artists4future Nuremberg


Office for International Relations Nuremberg

Project team:

Thomas Feuchtenberger

Stefania Giananndrea

Ulrike Müller-Telschow

Sandra Nausner

Technology & Homepage:

& Contact Jens Telschow