We with our art action group belong to parents4future Nuremberg and artists4future Nuremberg.

Our idea arose in the Corona lockdown. Parents4future Nürnberg planned together with artists4future Nürnberg to exhibit the creative works of art - created in lockdown - and to organize an art competition.

We with our art action group and the idea of ​​Environment + Art + Climate belong to parents4future and artists4future Nuremberg.

... we are a free association of people.

... with this campaign we want to stimulate the creative ideas art4climate and ambitious climate protection in Nuremberg.

... are pleased that the City of Nuremberg and the Office for International Relations in Nuremberg were also enthusiastic about this idea.

... we hope that Glasgow will be the first twin city to work together with Nuremberg and art4climate in an exchange.

... we look forward to the next steps to accompany our campaign together with the city of Nuremberg on international paths.

... we hope for many participants who will be infected by the joy that creativity gives us all.